Even though this event is a year away, a great deal of early planning is required to make an enjoyable event for all.  Some items may need to be reserved up to a year in advance.  Rental RVs and hotel rooms are in short supply.  It is possible we may have more than 60 Cather Relatives.  For the last 3 years Jim and Jerry have been and continue to prepare the site to accommodate everyone. (In case you don’t know, Catherland is the original 1915, 1,200 acre, Wyoming prairie homestead with a new little house on it.)  So it is helpful to get an RSVP head count, including guests, and RV/Vehicle parking indication as early as possible… this can be YES maybe or NO can’t make it.  Any answer or feedback is helpful.  It can always be changed.  (Please post your information on the RSVP page which is the data collection point… your word of mouth or emails won’t be transcribed.)


Jay W Cather and Howard B Cather Family Heirs – Catherland Centennial Reunion
Catherland – Kaycee, Wyoming
Generally July 28 – August 7, 2015

The main event at Catherland is on August 1st with activities – BBQ
Other activities are planned for July 28 to August 7… You can stay longer if you prefer…

Activities include for example horseback rides, hiking and ATV bike rides around Catherland, visit old western town – Kaycee, visit to Buffalo and Cather winter home, the rodeo, visit to South Fork and Apple Pie, hiking Crazy Woman Canyon, racing antelope down the roads, etc.


The cost for this event must be paid by each family with some exceptions.  Travel and accommodation costs are born by each family.  Generally most meals are a family responsibility.  However the BBQ and some events will be paid out of Catherland Centennial Fund that has been created.


AIR – If you are flying into the area CASPER WY is  the nearest nice airport with good car rentals and hotels.

VEHICLEI25 is the main north south freeway with access to RENO RD.  You reach I25 east west on I90 through Buffalo or I80 through Cheyenne and points south.(There is the US26 cut-off if you are coming from the east) Catherland road access is off of Reno Rd. 7 miles east of I25.  The Catherland Homestead site is about a mile north off Reno Rd. You must have a vehicle to reach Catherland.

LOCATION – Catherland – Latitude: 43.90043, Longitude: 106.496045
(Note: Do not use Lat/Lon for directions… Mapquest takes you to a west entrance that doesn’t exist.  Use 764 Reno Road location to enter the Catherland dirt road to the  homestead site through the south eastern gate marked Gate 3.)

Casper – Reno Road Access… 1Hr. 30Min, 87 Miles


Buffalo – Reno Road – Catherland 45 Miles, 46 Min.


Kaycee – Reno Road – Catherland 20 Miles / 30 Min.


Catherland Road to Homestead through Gate 3



Basically there are three nearby towns…Kaycee20 Miles/30Min – Cassidy Inn, Country Inn, Siesta Motel (Priceline Starting at $45 per night), Buffalo 42 Miles/50Min. – Mansion Motel, $85 to Hampton Inn, $150. Casper 87 Miles/1Hr.30Min. – Motel 6, $85 to Holiday Inn, $160

RV – There maybe as many as 10 families with their own RV. RVs can be rented in the same towns.

For example, RV trailers that Sleep 6 can be delivered to Catherland for one week at a cost of about $1.100 each.  They are a CrossroadsZ1 Camper sleeping 6 -10 people from Ultimate Outdoors Adventures in Buffalo.  All come equipped with cooking utensils, bedding, and towels for your comfort and convenience.  Each unit has a 40 gallon fresh water tank, 26 gallon black water capacity and 6 Gallon DSI Water heater.


Any question about this very special event should be directed to Jerry Cox or 480-355-5172.

You must thank Jerry and Jim Cox for all their effort, hard labor and investment that they put into making this reunion event possible.